Schedule of Fees

(valid from June 2, 2022) 

I. Archive Use

Use of Archives, daily rate € 10,00
Research by Archive Staff (per half hour or part thereof) € 30,00

II. Copies / Scans

  • made by user
Copies/Scans (any type and size) per page € 0,50
  • Made by staff
Copies/Scans (any type and size) per page € 1,00
  • Processing
Processing fee per order € 10,00
Dispatch via e-Mail (up to max. 8 MB) or provision on FTP Server Free of charge

III. Postage

According to the fees of the Deutsche Post (German Post Office)

IV. Bank Charges for Foreign Payments

Outside the Euro zone up to an invoice amount of € 50,00 € 8,00
Outside the Euro zone for invoice amounts greater than €50,00 € 12,00
Outside the European Economic Area € 20,00

Express reference is made to the enclosed excerpt from the usage regulations!
Subject to change without notice.
Payment must be made in advance to the account mentioned below at Sparkasse Bayreuth, quoting the purpose: Hst. 0.3111.1190.


I. Delivery or Provision of photographic material

1a. New photographs of archival materials
Exclusively against payment of costs on the basis of a quotation from a photographer appointed by the Richard Wagner Museum.

1b. New digital photographs
of drawings, illustrated works, prints, photographs from books and other flat material (except paintings, sculptures, autographs) maximum 20 cm x 30 cm.

Per page € 30,00

2. Image files (of already digitised material))

images by download, resolution 300 ppi, size 1500 x 2100 pixels (13×18 cm with 300 dpi output), TIFF format, uncompressed, for IBM PC or MAC

Per file € 15,00
The prices in 2. are reduced for use in scientific purposes less 50%

The files are made available exclusively via server download (FTP)

II. Use

The fees for the use of image material of the archives include, in addition to delivery or provision according to I., compensation depending on the type and scope of use. Pursuant to § 13 of the regulations for use, these expressly do not include compensation for remuneration claims pursuant to UrhG (Copyright Act) in the sense of a royalty.

1. Reproduction in books, illustrated books, exhibition catalogues, programme booklets, on the inside pages of CD/DVD booklets (image format up to one page) per motif.

Basic fee
Circulation up to 1.000 € 25,00
Circulation up to 3.000 € 50,00
Circulation up to 5.000 € 55,00
Circulation up to 10.000 € 60,00
Circulation up to 25.000 € 65,00
Circulation up to 50.000 € 70,00

2. Reproductions in newspapers / magazines (print editions only, up to one page) per motif

Basic fee
Circulation up to 100.000 € 45,00
Circulation up to 500.000 € 90,00
Circulation up to 500.000 € 130,00
Additional digital editions (website, app, e-paper etc.) plus 50%

3. Posters, postcards, advertising brochures, advertising leaflets, flyers, press releases, e-newsletters, roll-ups and other marketing materials

Basic fee
Circulation up to 500 € 60,00
Circulation up to 2.000 € 70,00
Circulation up to 5.000 € 85,00
Circulation up to 10.000 € 100,00
Circulation up to 25.000 € 125,00
Circulation up to 50.000 € 175,00
Circulation up to 100.000 € 210,00
each additional 100.000 plus € 50,00

4. Calendars (commercial product; domestic)

Basic fee
Circulation up to 10.000 € 160,00
Circulation up to 50.000 € 190,00
Circulation up to 100.000 € 220,00
each additional 100.000 plus € 50,00

5. Reproduction on decorative art objects and reproduction (copying) of collection objects for commercial purposes.

€ 250,-

6. Display in exhibitions of non-commercial public institutions (showcase, panel, touchscreen, video guide, apps etc.)

€ 25,00

7. Publication on the internet and other networks

(per image; image size of 10 x 15cm corresponds to 283 x 425 pixels at 72 dpi; b/w and colour):

Per file € 50,00
Quantity discount
from 10 images
from 20 images
less 20%
less 30%
Discount for school and educational purposes less 50%

8. Reproduction of provided picture material in film, television or video/DVD (including partial reproduction)

a) for television broadcasts (including all repeats, streaming, podcasts, downloads for 10 years, 7-day catch-up, video on demand, DVDs, no advertising, insertion time up to 3 minutes). Not applicable in the case of filming on location and payment of a flat rate according to III. 2. b)

National € 50,00
International € 90,00

b) for TV/cinema advertising (domestic; per insertion of max. 10 seconds)

Up to 15 broadcasts € 800,00
Each additional 10 broadcasts plus 25%

c) in cinematic works (domestic)

Type of film
Cultural or documentary films € 45,00
Other commercial films € 75,00

d) Broadcasting and screening via video projector, video installation, projections at various events, in theatres, in gastronomy, also as a background

Type of screening (incl. repeats)
Non-commercial (without admission) € 45,00
Other commercial use (with admission) € 90,00

No fee shall be charged for reproduction on cine film (up to 16 mm), for television and video/DVD films, slide shows and digital image presentation (video projector) used exclusively for educational and teaching purposes in educational institutions and schools or for school radio broadcasts.

9.1  Surcharges and discounts of the amounts listed under 1. to 8. and exemption from charges

a) Surcharges (on the respective basic fee):

Title page, book cover, double page plus 50%
e-book, Google books, etc. according to circulation plus 150%
Use for advertising purposes, if not already included plus 75%
  • Discounts (each on basic fee):
Reissue, reprint, translation, licensed edition, scientific publication, texbook less 50%

9.2  In the following cases, compensation according to II. may be waived at the discretion of the archive management

  • illustrated reports
  • if the reproduction serves to adequately advertise the institution or its respective sponsor (especially in the case of publications issued by third parties on behalf of the institution)
  • reports in which there is a public interest, especially for reasons of contemporary history

9.3.  Exemption from charges

A fee according to II. shall not be charged for:

  • publications with very small circulation (up to 100 copies),
  • reproductions in academic publications (at the discretion of archive management) up to circulation of 1,000 copies,
  • current reports,
  • for films of the University of Television and Film and of comparable state or state-supported institutions.

III. Permission for photography, television, film or video recording

1. Permission may be granted to third parties to photograph or film individual items of the collection to be specified, if they undertake to comply with the following conditions:

  • to indicate the location of the original in any reproduction;
  • to grant the archive or museum directorate the right to reproduce these recordings at any time for publications of the museum without compensation;
  • not to transfer the right to reproduce these recordings to third parties without the permission of the archive or museum directorate;
  • in the event of a reproduction for which a fee is charged, to submit a specimen copy to the archive or museum directorate after consultation with the archive or museum directorate;
  • in the case of reproductions, to pay to third parties the reproduction fees also applicable to the archive’s or museum’s own recordings;
  • to have any reproduction of this recording made only with the special permission of the directorate;
  • in the case of reproductions for which a fee is payable, to pay the appropriate compensation;
  • to make the recordings at the times determined by the management.

The use of flash is subject to approval!

2. The following fees shall be charged for the issue of a permit:

For photography

by professional photographers and when taking photographs for commercial purposes € 50,00
by amateur photographers using a tripod € 5,00

For film/video or television recordings

hourly rate € 180,00
plus personnel costs per person and hour € 30,00
night surcharge from 8 p.m. (per hour or part thereof) € 15,00
surcharge for Sundays and public holidays (per hour or part thereof) € 10,00

In the case of particularly time-consuming film/video or television shoots (e.g. shoots in the evening or at weekends; complete or partial closure of rooms to carry out the shoots; major preparatory work; shoots requiring the relocation of collection items, etc.), the prices may be increased by up to 3 times the amount stipulated above. If, despite extensive preparatory work, no photographs are taken, a cost rate of up to 50% of the above-mentioned basic fees may be demanded for the expenses incurred in this connection (management costs; wages and salaries of staff, etc.).
Payment shall be made net in advance.

The basis for this is the respective valid conditions of use.
Subject to alterations.

fee structure

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