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Your personal patronage certificate

You have the opportunity, as in Richard Wagner’s day, to become a patron of the museum by purchasing a patronage certificate with your donation of 5,000 euros.

The Wahnfried watch – a limited special edition

A special, exclusive opportunity to support the work of the museum is by purchasing a limited-edition Wahnfried watch. Half of the proceeds of 299 euros goes to the museum and its collection.

Limited edition: Wahnfried watch

Get your numbered, limited-edition Wahnfried watch and contribute to the preservation of Richard Wagner’s great heritage.

With this limited-edition Wahnfried watch you not only acquire a high-quality, attractive, rare item, but also support the work of the Richard Wagner Museum with the National Archives of the Richard Wagner Foundation, whose task it is to preserve and maintain Richard Wagner’s legacy. Half of the proceeds go towards this purpose. With the Wahnfried watch you also demonstrate your solidarity with Wagner’s legacy in Bayreuth.

Since 2012, the former residential building of Richard Wagner’s house, Wahnfried, has been renovated with the support of many sponsors and extended by means of an architecturally unique new museum building. The museum was transformed into a lively and contemporary centre for visitors from all over the world. You now have the opportunity to support this important cultural project by purchasing one of the only 1000 Wahnfried watches to be made, thereby contributing to a unique presentation and communication of Richard Wagner’s legacy.

Renowned German watch manufacturer POINTtec, known for its JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN brands, guarantees outstanding “Made in Germany” quality. The Wahnfried watch is equipped with the Citizen automatic movement and has an exclusive and elegant design.

On its clearly-designed dial is a copy of Richard Wagner’s signature, and the inscription from the front of his Bayreuth home:

“Hier wo mein Wähnen Frieden fand – Wahnfried – sei dieses Haus von mir benannt”
(“Here, where my troubled thoughts found rest, is this place named “Wahnfried” at my behest.”)

Sonderedition: Wahnfried-Uhr

We thank you for your support in purchasing the Wahnfried watch and wish you much pleasure wearing this special item!

Please note the delivery time of 12 weeks, which is due to each individual item being hand-crafted to order.

We process your personal data only in order to fulfil the purchasing contract. Invoicing and the delivery of the item in a gift package are carried out directly by the manufacturer POINTtec Products Electronic GmbH, Steinheilstr. 6, D-85737 Ismaning. Further information on data protection, including storage duration and your rights, is available at, on request by e-mail (, by telephone (+49 921 75728-0) or by fax (+49 921 75728-22) as well as directly from our staff in the museum on request.

Thank you very much for your support!

You can also purchase the Wahnfried watch personally in our museum shop, Richard-Wagner-Str. 48, 95444 Bayreuth, Tel: +49 921 75728-16. Please note that we are unable to dispatch it to you by post from here.

  • 9015, Automatic, 24 jewels
  • Crystal case back
  • Case made of stainless steel, with specially curved Hesalit glass and curved dial, minimalist design following Bauhaus aesthetics
  • Supple lamb’s leather tanned with natural plant substances
  • Diameter: 40 mm, height: 10 mm
  • Water density: 3 atm
  • Two-year warranty
  • Price 299 euros (incl. insured shipping)
Sonderedition: Wahnfried-Uhr
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Your personal patronage certificate

Amid the stock market and company founding boom of the years 1870 to 1873, Richard Wagner issued patronage certificates to finance his dream – the Bayreuth Festival. The stage festival play “The Ring of the Nibelung ” was premiered on 13th August, 1876 in the Bayreuth Festival Hall, which had been specially built for this purpose.

The following Richard Wagner associations have acquired patronage certificates during this time and supported the work: Dresden, Vienna, London, Brussels, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and New York.

Now you have the opportunity to support the work of the Richard Wagner Museum with National Archives in Wahnfried House by purchasing a newly issued patronage certificate for 5,000 euros.

The benefits for making a contribution to the museum’s work are many and have true ideological value. Depending on the amount of your support, you will receive a “Patronage Certificate”, designed according to the historical example issued by Richard Wagner, as well as a nameplate on the room/s or object/s you support.