Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth House Rules

Dear Visitors

To safeguard our exhibits and the museum facilities, and in the interests of all concerned, we would like to draw your attention to our house rules. These house rules are binding for all visitors. By entering the museum buildings, you acknowledge these rules. We would like you to enjoy your visit to the full, and therefore ask you to observe the following rules.

Conduct in the museum rooms

(1) We ask you please to refrain from any conduct that would compromise safety and order in the museum. You are liable for all damages caused by your conduct.

(2) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the entire museum or in the museum café. Open flames (matches, cigarette lighters etc.) are also prohibited.

(3) Loud or inconsiderate behaviour towards other visitors or the museum’s sales or supervisory staff, as well as public demonstrations of political, aesthetic, religious or other ideological beliefs or opinions, is unwelcome. In the event of any such incidents, museum staff members are obligated to intervene and, in extreme cases, are entitled to exercise the householder’s rights.

(4) Persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or who display otherwise intoxicated or disruptive behavior will be refused entry to the museum.

(5) Parents or accompanying adults (such as teachers or group leaders) will be held responsible for minor children. Please ensure that the children and adolescents in your charge behave appropriately and stay with your group.

(6) Unless otherwise clearly indicated, touching the exhibits is prohibited.

(7) Lockers are available for your coats, jackets, bags, backpacks, etc. on the lower ground floor of the new building and the lower ground floor of Wahnfried House. For conservation and safety reasons, entering the exhibition rooms with bulky or wet objects such as umbrellas, walking sticks (except for walking aids), rainwear, backpacks and bags larger than approx. 20cm x 30cm is not permitted. Also, carrying liquids (including drinks, whether in bottles or other containers) as well as flammable, explosive or other dangerous substances into the museum is also prohibited. If in doubt, please ask the ticket counter staff or supervisory staff to advise you. The museum cannot accept any liability for objects deposited in lockers by visitors. If a locker key is lost, €65 will be charged as the cost of replacing the lock.

(8) With the exception of guide dogs, no animals may be brought into the museum.

(9) Out of courtesy to other visitors, we request that you switch your mobile phone to silent and not to make calls in the museum’s exhibition rooms.

(10) The consumption of food and beverages is not permitted in the exhibition rooms and the foyer (ticket counter, museum shop). Feel free to visit our museum café – they look forward to welcoming you!

(11) Access to service rooms outside the visitor areas is not permitted.

(12) In the event of overcrowding or for special reasons, the museum may be closed to visitors either partly or entirely. This does not entitle the ticket holder to a full or partial refund of the entrance fee.

(13) Guided tours may only be carried out by museum staff or persons commissioned by the museum. Exceptions must be requested in writing and approved by the museum management.

(14) In the event of a fire alarm, for your own safety, please leave the exhibition rooms quickly. The instructions of museum staff must be followed.

Photography and filming

(15) In the museum, photography or filming for private purposes, without the use of flash or tripod, are accepted. In our special exhibitions, photographs may only be taken with the written permission of the museum management. We would like to point out that any form of publication, including on the internet or on social media, does not constitute private use and that you may thereby commit copyright infringement which may result in civil and criminal prosecution as well as claims for damages.

(16) Photography for commercial, scientific and other journalistic purposes as well as in the context of media reporting is also only permitted with the written permission of the museum management. For written permission, which may be subject to a fee, please contact our picture archive by e-mail at in good time before your visit.


(17) For copyright reasons, visitors are not permitted to photograph or record images (film or video) and/or audio during events. Infringements are punishable and constitute grounds for compensation claims by the museum. The museum is entitled to demand the deletion or surrender of the unlawfully produced recording and, if necessary, to ask the visitor to leave the event. The entrance fee will not be refunded.

(18) Recordings of rehearsals or performances by participants which are intended for later private use or for educational purposes may be permitted with special permission from the museum management. Further use, especially publication, is not permitted.

(19) Mobile phones and other means of electronic communication and information as well as acoustic signaling devices of any kind shall be kept out of operation in the museum rooms. In the interests of other visitors and/or the smooth running of the event, the museum shall be entitled to demand the surrender of the works or, in the event of non-compliance, to ask the visitor to leave the event.

Toilets and changing table

(20) Toilets are located on the lower ground floor of the new building and on the lower ground floor of Wahnfried House. These toilets are not public sanitary facilities but are reserved for visitors to the Richard Wagner Museum.

(21) There is a baby’s changing table in the disabled toilet on the lower ground floor of the new building.

Lost and Found

(22) If you find lost items in the museum, please hand them in at the ticket counter . Lost property will be disposed of in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Ticket counter and supervisory staff

(23) The museum staff is responsible for observing the house rules, which is why we ask for your understanding that the staff cannot and may not engage in discussions. We ask you to follow all requests and instructions of the museum staff unconditionally and immediately. If the house rules or the instructions of the staff are not complied with, the persons concerned may be asked to leave the museum building. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with the house rules and the instructions of the ticket counter and supervisory staff may be banned entirely from entering the building. If you are expelled from the museum, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you an informative and pleasant stay at the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth.

Status 16.07.2018