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So you can help!

Imagine once you would have had the opportunity to support Richard Wagner with the construction of the festival theater and with the performance of his works…

The project for the reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum with the National Archives needs your support! You will have a lot of possibilities for supporting the project for the preservation of Richard Wagner’s heritage.

Donate now! You can donate your desired amount simply and straightforwardly via the donations form. You will receive a contribution receipt starting with an amount of Euro 100. Donate now!

Donate your personal note! Bit by bit you will fill the score of “Götterdämmerung” by means of a donation of Euro 5 per bar and so you will make its single pages sound. The target is to complete the score when opening the museum. To the interactive score!

Your personal “Patronage Certificate”! You will have the opportunity, same as in Richard Wagner’s times, to be an associate of the project for the reorganization by means of purchasing a “Patronage Certificate” with your donation of Euro 5,000. To the “Patronage Certificate”!

The limited special edition: The Wahnfried Wrist Watch! A special and limited opportunity of supporting the project is offered to you by means of buying a limited Wahnfried Wrist Watch. Half of the sales revenue of Euro 299 will support the project. To the order form!

Of course you can transfer independently.

Our bank account:

Sparkasse Bayreuth
Bank code: 773 501 10, account-#: 38 888 889
IBAN: DE56 7735 0110 0038 8888 89

Of course you will receive a tax-deductible contribution receipt starting with an amount of Euro 100.
We will thank you by mentioning your name in our donators’ list for all donations of at least Euro 10.

Do you have any questions concerning the donation proceedings?
Julia Weigold, M.A.
Marketing and sponsoring
Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth
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