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Refurbishment of the
Wahnfried House

Please help to save our cultural heritage!

The Wahnfried House with its representative rooms and exhibitions has been one of the most important places of interest in town and in the region for visitors from all over the world from the beginning and it has been as well as an extraordinary cultural place which has been awarded of the initiative “Germany – Country of Ideas” under the patronage of the Federal President as “Place of the Ideas” in 2006.
Richard Wagner participated materially in the planning of his first own “Wahnfried House” financed by his royal patron Ludwig II. of Bavaria. Heavily destructed in 1945 by war, the house was reconstructed into the original condition from 1974 – 1976. The permanent conservation of the listed house having the urgent need of being structurally and technically refurbished and modernized will be the prerequisite for all future museum and scientific activities in the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth.


Offers within the Scope of the Refurbishment Campaign

Within the scope of the refurbishment campaign there will be the possibility of participating concretely in the renovation of sections of the Wahnfried House. So everybody can sponsor the restoration of original inventory according to his / her financial involvement and interest but also the necessary installation of an air conditioning and an elevator up to complete rooms as e. g. the splendid entrance hall or the “Purple Parlor” of Cosima Wagner.
The considerations for such a contribution to the refurbishment of the Wahnfried House are manifold and of a highly idealistic value. According to the amount of the sponsorship the donators will receive a “Patronage Certificate” designed according to the historic example, nameplates at the rooms or objects supported by them as well as invitations to events. Finally every donator will receive a letter of thanks and of course a tax-deductable receipt for a donation of charity.


Products & Prices & Services

Stabilization and refurbishment of the historic garden ensemble   10.000€
Removal of barriers in the Wahnfried House  10.000€
Air conditioning of the Wahnfried House 10.000€
Entrance hall in the Wahnfried House    50.000€
Great hall in the Wahnfried House 50.000€
Restauration of the Wagner Library

Großer Saal   Halle mit Ringzyklus-Fries
Big hall with the Wagner Library in the Wahnfried House
  Hall with the Nibelung Frieze in the Wahnfried House




Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us for advice and information!

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