Wahnfried Wrist Watch
Wahnfried Wrist Watch
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Special Edition: Wahnfried Wrist Watch

A unique opportunity for supporting conservation, renovation and reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth!

1You will not only  have acquired an exceptional watch with the limited edition of the Wahnfried Wrist Watch, but you will also have made a contribution to renovation and reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum in the Wahnfried House in Bayreuth. Half of the revenue will be a direct benefit for the project.

Richard Wagner’s former home the “Wahnfried House” has been renovated true to the original and extended with an architecturally unique new construction of the museum with the support of many patrons since 2012. The museum will be created as an attractive and up-to-date place and it will be re-opened for visitors from all over the world in 2014. Now you will have the opportunity for supporting one of the most important German cultural objects with the purchase of a Wahnfried Wrist Watch. With this you will contribute to a unique presentation and memory of Richard Wagner’s heritage.

The renowned German watch manufacturer POINTtec, well-known for the makes JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN, guarantees for the outstanding quality “Made in Germany.  The Wahnfried Wrist Watch has an automatic watch mechanism of the well-known manufacturer Citizen and shows a reduced design typical for the Bauhaus aesthetic. Its clear design of the watch-face shows Richard Wagner’s original signature and the name of his home in Bayreuth with the lettering of the fašade’s epigraph there: „Hier wo mein Wähnen Frieden fand - Wahnfried - sei dieses Haus von mir benannt. (“Here where my imagination found peace – Wahnfried (= peace of imagination”) – this house shall be named by me).“

This unique collector‘s item, the edition of which will be limited to 1,000 units, has been manufactured painstakingly and the numbering has been integrated into the glass bottom.

We are looking forward and want to thank you for your support by means of the purchase of the Wahnfried Wrist Watch and want to wish you a lot of joy with it!

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Both the delivery in a gift package and the invoicing will be executed directly by the manufacturer  POINTtec Electronic GmbH. www.pointtec.de

The delivery time will be 12 weeks.