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Infopoint „construction.“

Infopoint „construction.“ Infopoint „construction.“

The Infopoint of the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth has opened with the motto „“ on Tuesday, 22 May 2012. It has the task to inform about the contents of the future museum and the design of the new building as well as about the current state of the planning till the completion of the redesigning and reorganization of the museum.

1The former kiosk in the Richard-Wagner-Straße 45 opposite of the avenue at the Wahnfried House is an ideal place not only for demonstrating the architectural history of Wagner’s former home, but also for presenting a public access to the current architectural plans, a model of the house and the state of this big project. The Infopoint offers the visitors, tourists and interested citizens the possibility to inform themselves about the refurbishment of the Wahnfried House, the new construction of the museum and the depot as well as about the concept of the exhibition.

History and beginnings of the Wahnfried House, designed and named by Richard Wagner himself, are shown in original showcases. Objects testifying to the historical substance and equipment of the house and serving as guiding principle for the renovation true to the original are of special interest, in doing so, however, sight of a barrier-free and up-to-date use will not be lost.

If you want to support the reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum into an appropriate place of the communication of Richard Wagner’s cultural heritage, works and activities within the scope fitting for the 21st century, we will be glad about your commitment. The Infopoint offers the opportunity to support this cultural lighthouse project e. g. with the purchase of an exclusive Wahnfried Wrist Watch and other articles by means of a donation. We are looking forward to your visit.

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