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Make it possible for the generations of today and the future to experience our cultural heritage in an attractive way!

The Richard Wagner Museum has not only because of its National Archives with its research institute become a place for learning and knowledge of international importance, the target is to present Richard Wagner’s great and manifold cultural heritage for the future and following generations adequately. We want to take the chance to awaken the interest of the public at large by means of innovative and sensual instruments of communication.

The prerequisite for a founded and attractive exhibition work is on the one hand an independent scientific research on the other hand a collection which has to be developed constantly according to professional aspects. Special exhibitions with different topics will supplement the offer besides of the permanent exhibition. Varied pedagogical programs for a topical communication of knowledge for pupils, students and an audience of all groups of age will be developed. The new house additionally will offer space for artistic and scientific events and projects. Our goal is a vivid, attractive museum with the biggest possible effect on the outside world.


Offers within the Scope of the Exhibition Campaign 

Within the scope of the exhibition campaign there will be the opportunity of taking responsibility and participating concretely in the communication of Richard Wagner’s heritage. So you can take on a patronage for single sections of the new permanent exhibition, original single objects, the multi-media equipment of the exhibition, and especially for the future pedagogical communication offers of the museum as e. g. a three-lingual audio-guide system according to the financial involvement and interest.

The considerations for a contribution to the exhibition are manifold and of a highly idealistic value. The donators will receive, according to the amount of the sponsorship sum, a “Patronage Certificate” designed according to the historic example, nameplates at the single objects supported by them as well as exclusive invitations to events. Eventually every donator will receive a letter of thanks and of course a tax deductable donation receipt by us.

leere Vitrinen   Objekte   Objekte
The empty showcases in the permanent exhibition of the Wahnfried House and the stored objects in the warehouse here are awaiting the re-opening of the permanent exhibition in 2013.


Produkte & Preise & Leistungen

Museum-didactic communication offers 100.000€
Multi-media equipment  50.000€
Digitalization of the catalogue 50.000€
Special exhibitions  50.000€
Restoration of original single objects 10.000€

Sterbesofa   Sterbesofa   Sterbesofa
The couch from Venice on which Richard Wagner died


Deckenfries   Deckenfries   Deckenfries
Parts of the ceiling's frieze with different towns' coats of arms from the big hall in the Wahnfried House





Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us for advice and information!

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