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A Warm Welcome to You!

Culture means inheritance and mission: Creating new things and staying in motion. That is exactly what is happening in Bayreuth right now. We are going to renovate the Wahnfried House and extend the museum and the National Archives. In order to do that, we need your help, too! So that ‑ by presenting itself in an up-to-date way ‑ this unique, authentic place where Richard Wagner lived and worked will be able to fill future generations with enthusiasm. 

Because of the extensive renovation and reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum, it will probably be closed to visitors. All important information about the renovation and the new building can be found on these pages.  

Ambassadors and Well-known Supporters
Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi

“To remember in Bayreuth always means to remember Germany: Greatness and the deep fall. The “Wahnfried” extension building will finally make possible this entire memory in Richard Wagner’s house: A historically important project.”

Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi

Hans-Dietrich Genscher

"Richard Wagner‘s Bayreuth home 'Wahnfried' is an outstanding cultural place, but also a symbol of German history – in its contradictoriness and entanglements. I will support the landmark reorganization of the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreut as an up-to-date place of memory and communication  Richard-Wagner-Museums Bayreuth."

Hans-Dietrich Genscher


What is "Preserving. Creating. Experiencing."?

This motto refers to the three phases of working on the museum: renovation - a new building – reorganization. So each part has a different focus concerning time and topic. Whereas the first phase is addressed to the preservation by means of the constructive-technical renovation of the Wahnfried House, the focus after that will be the new construction of the museum as an outwardly visible expression of forward-looking creation as well as at the new exhibition as a contemporary experience of Wagner’s life, work, and activities. So each phase offers specific opportunities for sponsoring within the scope of the respective personal interests and at the same time to become involved for the complete project.

What is In order to commemorate Richard Wagner's outstanding work adequately, the city of Bayreuth and the Richard-Wagner-Foundation have set the goal of developing an up-to-date, informative and a culturally high-quality museum. The common mission of communicating the cultural-historical knowledge for the visualization of our cultural roots, our cultural identity and with that of a joining public spirit so always will follow Richard Wagner’s forward-looking request: „Kids, make something new!“   


How Can You Become Involved?

Commit yourself and help! Contribute something for the realization of the reorganization and creating of a contemporary, informative, and culturally high-quality Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth. 

How Can You Become Involved?If you want to participate actively in the refurbishment and reorganization, you will now have the opportunity. The active interest of the friends and supporters of this plan so can become an impressing proof that even culture is an important matter in difficult times and it offers opportunities of donating a meaning, of developing self-awareness, of stimulating discussions and a perspective of connecting people in "Preserving. Creating. Experiencing."

You will be passed on to the “donations form” via the link. Then you can fill in the amount of your choice. You also can donate together with friends and family or business partners. Please get involved and also ask other people for making their contribution. Please wish for a donation for the refurbishment for your birthday, an anniversary or other occasions instead of flowers and gifts – and in this way make yourself a gift with a lasting piece of culture. All donators will be presented with their name on the donators list on request.


New Construction and Extension

„Kids – make something new!“ – not only a forward-looking demand of Richard Wagner.

New Construction and ExtensionWe are going to celebrate Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday in 2013. This anniversary is the reason for refurbishing the Wahnfried House, re-opened in 1976, structurally and for creating a new design and an extension for the Richard Wagner Museum established there since then.
Regarding this the town council decided in 2009 to put out for tender a Europe-wide architectural contest. It was announced in March 2010 and far more than 200 architect’s offices submitted their qualified applications. 25 architect’s offices have been chosen in a selection procedure for participating in the contest.

Award ceremony in the Wahnfried House after the architectural contest
It was a difficult task for the jury to decide on the awardees “Realization Contest for the Extension of the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth” amongst the 23 contributions submitted in time:

1. Price: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin
2. Price: wulf & partner, Stuttgart
3. Price: Daniel Zajsek, Holger Henningsen, Hamburg
4. Price: marte.marte architekten, Weiler
5. Price: David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin